Hiring The Right Transcription Service


Working with a transcription service can greatly reduce cost and increase productivity, but how can you choose the best possible service? When researching your options you will want to pay attention to a few key areas.

Is the transcription company employing real-life expert typists or are they relying on speech recognition software that may result in a document filled with spelling and grammatical errors? Using human typists is critical if you want a clean copy of your text.

The typists should be specialized and well-practiced in your particular field. This is especially true for medical and legal dictation which is full of uncommon vocabulary and terminology.

The final result should be professionally formatted and provided to you in a high quality document. It should be properly proof read before submission and your satisfaction should be guaranteed.

When choosing a transcription service, think of it as creating a partnership with a company dedicated to your own success. You are encouraged to check references and interview the company in person or via phone. Finding the right fit can take time but the end results will be rewarding and profitable to your organization.

Again, don’t let the burden of transcribing all the recordings you have weigh you down. Good transcription services are out there. And with just a little research, you can find one that knows your industry…And is ready to meet your needs.

Please email me for your free consultation at info@exceptionaltbs.com or visit our website www.exceptionaltbs.com!

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7 Comments on “Hiring The Right Transcription Service”

  1. Ashley Princeton Says:

    I appreciate all of your help (academic/student transcription), it was very helpful in terms of my research. Looking forward to working with you in the future, and recommending you..

    • etbs2011 Says:

      Thanks Ashley for your kind words. We are always here to help and greatly appreciate your recommending us. It was a pleasure serving you.

  2. Mitchelle Says:

    There’s no doubt that the benefits of hiring a transcription service are far reaching. The key is to find the right transcription service to handle whatever type of business they have. I shall surely contact you guys soon.

  3. Rajesh Says:

    One of the most important factors to consider when hiring a transcribing service is whether or not they have staff versed in your particular field. If, for instance, you have legal files to be transcribed- court hearings, interviews- but the service you’re looking at using does not have typists with specialist legal transcribing skills- you could be in for a bumpy ride.Always make this one of your first lines of enquiry.:-)

  4. Mark Clattenburg Says:

    I have been using Exceptional Transcription & Business Solutions for two or three years now and I can attest to her professionalism. She always gets the job done on time (usually earlier than expected) and the finished product is top notch!

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