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5 Reasons to use a Transcription Service Now

April 4, 2013

107-365-flying-fingers_lConsidering using a transcription service to take care of those audio notes and important documents, but not convinced you really need to use one? You are not alone in your deliberations. Keep in mind that experts in the medical field, academia/universities, the insurance field, law and more, including the law enforcement field and authors, turn to transcription services. There are many benefits to using a transcription service rather than tackling that intimidating mound of audio files or notes and turning them into written documents yourself.

Why use a transcription service? Take a look:

  1. A Transcription Service Can Save Time. It can actually take you several hours to type a mistake proof document that may have taken you less than one hour to say. A transcriber will be quick and accurate.
  2. It’s More Affordable than Hiring Additional Staff. Hiring a transcription service eliminates the need to hire new staff, saving you time in training and saving you money in payroll.
  3. The Service Frees Up Company Resources. Let your assistant and other staff stick to their expertise, saving them time to do what you hired them for and avoiding possible headaches along the way.
  4. Reduces Error. Using a third party, the transcription service, can reduce errors that result from you incorrectly remembering the events you are writing about and coloring the translation. The service will use a transcriber who is a specialist in your  field, reducing the chances for spelling and grammar errors.
  5. You Can Painlessly Capture Your Creative Musings. Let a transcription service type up your free flowing ideas and brainstorming sessions. A transcriber can also put your speech or your sermon to paper, just as you delivered it.

These are just a few of the important reasons to use a professional transcription service. As a business owner/manager, an entrepreneur or even a writer or public speaker, a transcription service is going to save you, at the very least time, money or mistakes and, at the most, all three. You will agree that these are important commodities a good professional transcription service can provide.

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