Effective Business Writing Can Lead to Promotions

Effective business writing is an absolute must in all business today. Business writing is a means of communication that conveys important information to coworkers, employees, customers and others.

Your written and verbal communication, in this case your business writing, reflects your professionalism. Professionalism is often a prerequisite to promotion. To help with that important task of writing, the key elements of effective business writing are covered here.

To be effective, your writing should be clear and concise. In business correspondence, your aim is to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding. It is delivered in a variety of forms and examples of business writing include:
• Emails
• Letters
• Memos
• Notes
• Resumes
• Speeches
• Technical writing

Remember, you are writing to inform and/or persuade the reader to take action. Whatever form your writing takes, it is competing with hundreds of other documents, even in a small business. To increase your effectiveness and the chances that your communication will be read, use the following cornerstones of business writing to capture and hold your reader’s attention. Your writing should be:
• Clear
• Concise
• Grammatically correct
• Free of misspellings.

As with any other type of writing, the same basic grammatical rules apply: subject and predicate must be present to form complete sentences. In business writing, whenever possible, the verb should be an active rather than passive verb.

Avoid too much jargon. Occasionally, jargon relevant to a particular industry is appropriate, but if it is used, follow its use with a clear explanation.

Keep in mind that wordiness is often pretentious and difficult to understand. Choppy or run on sentences are also hard to read and comprehend. In addition, using very large words that are not usually a part of speech might make your reader think you are purposely talking above them.

Courtesy is a critical part of business writing of any kind. This is not the time to be rude, threatening or nasty. Communications tend to come back to haunt you. Besides, even unpleasant news or information can be delivered courteously.

Cliches and slang have no place in effective business writing. Eliminate them. They are an immature form of communication and have no place in business communication unless you are making a point.

Once you have written your communication, review and edit the document at least twice. Let it rest and read it again. Because it is often difficult to catch you own mistakes, if possible, ask another skilled person to read your writing. You must deliver your message free of mistakes and the possibility of misunderstandings.

Of course, it never hurts to brush up on your business writing skills. Classes are often available that will help you improve your writing.

Finally, engage a professional when you have massive writing to complete. Transcription services can be a tremendous, affordable, efficient asset as you transcribe your important documents.

Transcribing for You.


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10 Comments on “Effective Business Writing Can Lead to Promotions”

  1. George Best Says:

    I find this post very helpful. I feel it is very important to stay abreast of the “latest” information about effective writing in the business world as it does change frequently.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jones Mcarthy Says:

    Completely agree with you here..People nowadays are busy and don’t have time to read long documents and emails. Getting your point across concisely increases the chances of them reading what you have to say and acting upon it.This may provide the breakthrough for further progress in business and client making.

  3. Danny Boyle Says:

    Nice article.! I feel that the benefits of business writing training are endless. Not only do skills improve every time, but the company ends up saving money from wasted time editing mistakes, internal misunderstandings, and ineffective advertising copy caused by poor writing. Furthermore, participants in business writing training will enjoy learning new on-the-job skills they can use..

  4. Eleanor Says:

    You’re right..Also as a professional business owner, it is important for you to project a successful impression of your business. Future prospects and clients will notice misspelled words and grammatically incorrect sentences. They will see it as a signal that you do not take care with details and that your business face is a sign of the inner workings of your business, no matter what it might be. An experienced business writer knows this and will edit, polish, and produce a clear image for your business.

  5. Akira Jyoti Says:

    These are some wonderful tips and I am greatly impressed by this article. Looking forward to implement them now..Keep up the good work.

  6. Lison Carmette Says:

    Very good post. Teaches you to be positive, get to the point. Makes you think what the reader wants to read..

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