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Transcribers Are All About the Words

October 13, 2013

transcription imageI am a transcriber. I am a transcriptionist. Either way you choose to label me, turning the spoken word into written documents and manuscripts is what my team and I do.

The English language fascinates me. It has to. I must have a great command of the language and the grammar. I have to be hypersensitive to it’s many nuances in order to produce flawless work. If I don’t, then I don’t work. Simple.

To be honest, I sometimes feel like a translator as I listen to the myriad of dialects from region to region. For example, the pronunciation of New Orleans can be vastly different around the country, almost as if the speakers are actually from different countries rather than right here in good old USA.

Don’t get me started on proper punctuation, not to mention the correct spelling and usage of a homophone. Ah, the challenges!

As a transcriptionist, I work from home. I live on the words of others. I transcribe a dissertation and I imagine the doctorial candidate finally getting that Ph.D. In my estimation, all of my clients are brilliant.

It’s an interesting business to be in. I get a firsthand peak at the author’s next novel. I know the surprise ending. But no worries, you would never know. It’s sort of like being a spy. You can torture me, but I’ll never tell. Still, it’s great to guess whose next work will be a bestseller.

Unfortunately, I don’t really get to read much of what my customers have me write. I am typing nearly as fast as they talk. I have to be accurate. That doesn’t really give me the opportunity to digest any of what they say. From my ears to these fingers. No stops in between.

My company has been providing this service for over a decade. It’s a challenge, a good one. The lawyer has to run his firm, the doctor has run his practice, the novelist has to gather her thoughts and the academic has to do research. The spoken work is the answer for each of them. I’m the one to sit in my office and turn that spoken word into a legible, written document.

So, I am a transcriptionist, a transcriber. I deal with words. My profession has been around since writing began. The tools of the trade get better all the time, which allows me to continually improve the product I produce. But the challenge to produce the best is always present. That’s what makes my day!

Write on!