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5 Common Customer Complaints Tied to Customer Service

July 30, 2014

open sign MGD©Customer service is the bulwark of any business, but it is especially important to the small business owner. Unfortunately, there are common customer complaints that can point to the need to pay attention to your customer service.

Answering customer complaints can be crucial to your business. At the risk of sounding trite, it goes without saying that people must like your service in order to continue to do business with you. One unhappy customer would have no immediate effect on the big guys out there, like Coca Cola and the Ritz Carlton, yet they put tons of money into their customer service protocols. One unhappy customer for a small business like yours can put your business in jeopardy. Can you afford not to pay attention to customer complaints and customer service.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or whether you outsource your customer service activity, you must keep customer satisfaction in the forefront. One lousy customer experience and negative, unresolved customer complaints can have a domino affect and seriously damage your ability to attract new business.

Listed are five of the most common, general complaints customers have about a business. The information can aid you in your business service delivery and help you provide exceptional customer service.

1. Difficulty reaching a live person. Sometimes you even wonder if it’s by design that there is no prompt or cue on the phone for speaking to a live person.
2. Overzealous, turned absentee, clerks. Clerks trailing you in an establishment but are nowhere to be found when you have a question or you are ready to check out.
3. Failure to return phone calls and failure to acknowledge or return emails.
4. Hit or miss customer service. You cannot afford to have an “off” day. Your customers need you paying attention and helping them to find a solution to their problem, even if you refer them to the best outside resource.
5. Failure to follow through on promised actions. If you told your customer you were sending a refund, send the refund quickly; if you were to send a follow-up email, send the follow-up email. Act quickly.

Wowing! your customer should always be your goal. Have a great product and have customer service to match that service and you are more likely have a successful business.

Competition for services or products is keen in this global business arena. Customers have a choice. Good customer service can insure that your customer is happy with your product or service. I don’t need to tell you what happens when there is poor customer service, when your business is guilty of the customer complaints listed: your business will suffer, if not today, certainly in the long run.

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