In Emergencies, Operation Plans Can Mean Business Survival

Your business should have operations plans when the journey is not a straight path.

Your business should have operations plans when the journey is not a straight path.

Sometimes the business that we have nurtured so determinedly has to take a backseat to other events taking place in our lives. At those times, it is so important to have a safety net(s) – to have systems in place – to keep your business running. Viable, replicable operations plans are crucial to that business survival.

Your business must continue, even in a crisis, because it is your passion and, quite frankly, it is how you keep the lights on. If you are a solo entrepreneur or small business owner, life’s detours can threaten to cripple or even topple what you have so diligently worked to build.

One of the strongest pulls of an entrepreneur is to determine your fate. Unfortunately, you can only carry that control so far. I have reached a point where my journey has diverted from the path I so carefully set for myself, my family and my business.

My most precious loved one discovered she has cancer. The discovery came on the heels of another of life’s major challenges that she had faced. There was barely time for her to breathe.

My beautiful daughter and I have literally journeyed from my comfortable home – the home where she grew up – to a city far away. The city is full of sparkling lights that act like beacons of hope to so many, on so many levels, for so many years. I am no different. The lights are my beacon, too. They give me hope and comfort and I know she will beat this thing. This awful, draining, undignified thing called cancer, will be beaten. It’s defeat is inevitable, as it should be.

As CEO and Founder of Exceptional Transcriptions and Business Solutions, for the second time I am living the dilemma of keeping my business alive while I contend with other challenges. Admittedly, I can run the core of my business from anywhere in the world. So, even while we contend with rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, doctor visits and all of the challenges that come with the cure, I can still process transcriptions and assist customers with solutions.PicNewYorkSkylineDSC_5413

My advice to you: Have a contingency plan(s). Think strategically about what you will need in place should you have to take one of life’s detours. After all, paying the bills and maintaining your lifestyle is one of the reasons for having a business.

I have systems in place, I have backup, but do you? Have you seriously considered what would happen if you cannot be there to devote your customary “hands on” to your business? Would you have to shut down or does your business plan include operation plans that would allow someone to come in and pick up your customer’s orders? Would you be able to continue to reach out to new customers? These and more, are legitimate questions that should be answered at the onset of your new enterprise and each year during your annual business planning. But it’s not too late to do so now if you didn’t previously.

In truth, some businesses may lend themselves to survival mode easier than others. Operation plans may be easier to develop and implement.  But it is important to develop those systems, no matter how difficult the process. It could possibly save your business.

Life’s journeys are rarely along the straight and narrow, even when we have great plans and visions for ourselves, our business and for our children. It is up to us to decide which, if any at all, beacons of light we follow. Mine will always be that beacon of hope and just as my business won’t fail, my beacons of light won’t fail me.

Until next time…

Be Exceptional


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