Start a Business While in College

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile you’re a college student, you are often looking for a few extra dollars to tide you over or make up a short fall. At the same time, college is an excellent time to try new things, including new business ventures. Many of the most successful businesses today have been started while the founder was in college. If you are stymied for what you could possibly do while you are in college here are a few ideas of businesses that can be quite lucrative and cost very little to start.

A few ideas that you may be able to capitalize on now include:

  • Virtual Assistant,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Provide a service, i.e. dog walking, childcare,
  • Organizer,
  • Resume Writing,
  • App Development,
  • Direct Marketing, i. e. Avon, Mary Kay,
  • Blogger or,
  • Your Own Idea.

With the average student acquiring $26,000.00 in debt by the time they graduate from college, having additional income can provide just the boost you need as you try to enter the labor market. The advantages that college students trying to start their own business have now that were not available to students 15 or 20 years ago include social media for marketing and networking. Entrepreneurial education proliferates. There are 5,000 entrepreneur courses available nationwide.

The biggest plus is that most entrepreneurial ventures have little to no startup costs associated with them.

There are also many benefits to starting your own business before leaving college. In this competitive job market, you are demonstrating initiative and also building skills you can use for your resume or it could actually be the beginning of your gold mine.

Starting your own business may be a viable alternative to the traditional job many students take on, part-time or for the summer. You don’t need much money and in fact some of what you do need include:

  • a good idea,
  • drive,
  • a mentor,
  • vision, and
  •  tenacity.

So, instead of catching a few more snoozes before going to class or in place of hanging out, put a little time into developing a business of your own. It could pay off big time and you could be the next entrepreneur everyone wants to emulate. It has happened before, it can certainly happen again.

Be Exceptional…

Audrey, CEO/Founder Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions

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