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Do You have a Business Mindset?

September 28, 2015

business team ID-10066165In order to succeed as an  entrepreneur you must have a business mindset. You can have all the schooling in the world, but if you are still clinging to a nine-to-five mentality, success in the business arena will be elusive.

Having a business mindset is often manifests as an innate quality that cannot be ignored. That is the reason so many individuals go into business from the start, bypassing the nine-to-five career. You know who you are: you had a lemonade stand as an eight year old; you pestered your neighbors for odd jobs like taking out their trash, shoveling their snow or babysitting; you delivered newspapers or pizzas.  You demonstrated that you were not afraid to think of ways to make money.

There are probably just as many of you who developed or discovered your business mindset after experiencing working for others and believing there was another way to create success.

Sometimes the business mindset is instilled as we watch others around us. In my case, it was in watching my father. I worked in corporate world, but ultimately I realized my greatest satisfaction was going to come from the framework of helping others through a business that I owned, just as my father had done.

Although it wasn’t necessary for me to shift my thinking in any large degree in order to adopt the mindset, I still needed a shift in thinking for a business mindset to fully emerge. I compiled a few of the ways that it was important for me to adopt/develop my entrepreneurial spirit and business mindset:

  • Absolutely have a purpose and a vision. You must have some idea of what you want from life and what you have to offer to life in order to make your vision a reality.
  • Focus your ideas not on making money, but on service to others. In other words, how can you help to make another’s business better or another’s life better? Build on that.
  • You should expect challenges and be prepared to tackle them.
  • Take risks. Without risks, there is little new that will come about and it will certainly be difficult to take action on your goals.
  • Don’t skimp on your education. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pursue the four year college education, but it does mean take advantage of all education that you can garner from a variety of sources, including mentors, and that you should never stop learning. Today’s world changes too rapidly. As an entrepreneur you cannot remain stagnant.
  • Approach your enterprise with a sense of gratitude which will automatically put you in a positive mindset.
  • Don’t let failures derail you. Often success is that much sweeter when there have been failures and mistakes.
  • Make every effort to be around others that think the way that you do, whenever you can, in order to avoid the risk of having others negatively influence your thinking.
  • Believe in your enterprise, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or you are on your way to employing hundreds or thousands. If you don’t genuinely believe in yourself and what you have to offer – you’ve heard it many times before – no one else will.

Only you can measure what true success means to you and only you can develop your business mindset to achieve that success.

I would like to know when and how you discovered that you have a business mindset?

Until next time…

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