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Transcription Services Play a Role in Successful Focus Groups

August 29, 2016

freedigital photo people ideas ID-100299611Focus groups are an excellent tool for marketing and research professionals to use in gathering information and to uncover trends. The ultimate goal is to help companies sell products and services. Transcription services play a role in the success of focus groups by capturing every word spoken.

Focus groups are generally made up of individuals who fit specific targets related to the company products and services.

During the sessions, focus group participants are often in a room or setting to themselves, sometimes with a two-way mirror, although this is not a requirement. Participants are then asked to complete questionnaires or discuss topics or even take part in a specific activity. For example, a national bank asked the participants of its focus group to construct a vision board depicting their ideal retirement using materials the bank had provided. The participants were then asked to discuss their board and their retirement goals, answering questions from a facilitator. The group reactions and discussions were recorded on film and audio tape. The data was analyzed to determine what the bank needed to focus on to better serve their customers in their retirement planning.

When deciding how you should setup your focus group, here are some key decisions that should make up the planning:

  • Determine the number of the participants.
  • Decide the incentive you will offer the group.
  • Find a convenient, accessible and comfortable location for conducting the group.
  • Prepare questions/script and types of activities the group will be engaged in.
  • Select the participants for the group that best matches the information you are seeking. For instance, if you run a preschool and looking for ways you can better serve your families, you would contact parents of preschool age children to participate. Other groups would not be as useful.
  • Determine compensation for the participants. This will vary from time required to region of the country you are in.
  • Select a skilled facilitator or moderator who will be responsible for:
    • explaining why the group is assembled – the focus group’s goal,
    • establishing the ground rules for the group process,
    • setting the tone,
    • providing the time frame for the session – ideally 1 – 2 hours,
    • creating the script, although this could fall to someone else,
    • checking the recording process,
    • having snacks or meals on hand for the group,
    • providing feedback to the group, and
    • thanking the group for their time and explaining when and how payment will occur.

Because participants are free to discuss their opinions and insights, and because focus groups are generally a part of your marketing planning, it is important to accurately capture the session(s). Consequently, one of the most important elements at the conclusion of the focus group is turning the audio tapes of the session into written documents so that the data is easily analyzed and, later, archived.

Choosing the right transcription service is as important as choosing the right participants and facilitator for the focus group. A highly qualified transcriber has the ability to discern accents and have a commanding grasp of English and grammer. Exceptional skill, accuracy and timeliness is at the core of your selection.

Have you used focus groups to help with your marketing plans? How do you think focus groups would benefit the growth of your business?


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Do Sweat the Small Stuff – Sometimes

May 13, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALots of people tell us not to sweat the small stuff, and to a certain extent, they are right. But there are times when paying attention to the small stuff is important to your success and even your well being. In saying “don’t sweat the small stuff,” most people are talking about the inconsequential areas, events, and pieces of our lives that are not really all that important and fall into the category of “this, too, shall pass.”

There are times when the seemingly small stuff can make all the difference. It is said that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Africa can eventually spawn a hurricane in the Atlantic. Flapping those tiny wings starts as small stuff.

What about the little dot called a period found at the end of a sentence? You can’t get much smaller than that, yet, if you don’t put it at the end of the sentence or you place it too soon. your sentence becomes either a run on sentence or a phrase. Either small mistake can render your attempt at constructing a proper sentence incorrect.

When the dot is part of a number, say a number that indicates your payment to someone, if the dot (in this case, it is a decimal point, of course) is in the wrong place, you could owe thousands of dollars instead of hundreds for the purchase you made.

Let’s look at the word “no.” It is truly a small word, but depending on the context, it could crush you. (No, that outfit does nothing for you.) Or it could save you. (No, you cannot play ball in the street.)

In the transcription business, we can’t afford the luxury of adhering to strictly to “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Detail is crucial and detail is often minutiae. If what we hear the customer say is not written the way it is said, the entire meaning of a sentence – even a document – could be changed.

Here are further examples:

  • Misuse of the words two, too, or to or any number of other words that could be mistakenly written and ultimately alter the meaning of the sentence.
  • Omitting an apostrophe when its needed to show possession.
  • Improper capitalization.
  • Incorrect spellings.

This is by no means a complete list, but I think you get the point. These are all seemingly small, but all could have an impact on the accuracy of a document.

Don’t unduly worry about inconsequential things or even big things that you have no control over. However, the bottom line is that the small stuff can truly be important. Even more important, is the ability to discern when it is just small stuff.

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5 Reasons to use a Transcription Service Now

April 4, 2013

107-365-flying-fingers_lConsidering using a transcription service to take care of those audio notes and important documents, but not convinced you really need to use one? You are not alone in your deliberations. Keep in mind that experts in the medical field, academia/universities, the insurance field, law and more, including the law enforcement field and authors, turn to transcription services. There are many benefits to using a transcription service rather than tackling that intimidating mound of audio files or notes and turning them into written documents yourself.

Why use a transcription service? Take a look:

  1. A Transcription Service Can Save Time. It can actually take you several hours to type a mistake proof document that may have taken you less than one hour to say. A transcriber will be quick and accurate.
  2. It’s More Affordable than Hiring Additional Staff. Hiring a transcription service eliminates the need to hire new staff, saving you time in training and saving you money in payroll.
  3. The Service Frees Up Company Resources. Let your assistant and other staff stick to their expertise, saving them time to do what you hired them for and avoiding possible headaches along the way.
  4. Reduces Error. Using a third party, the transcription service, can reduce errors that result from you incorrectly remembering the events you are writing about and coloring the translation. The service will use a transcriber who is a specialist in your  field, reducing the chances for spelling and grammar errors.
  5. You Can Painlessly Capture Your Creative Musings. Let a transcription service type up your free flowing ideas and brainstorming sessions. A transcriber can also put your speech or your sermon to paper, just as you delivered it.

These are just a few of the important reasons to use a professional transcription service. As a business owner/manager, an entrepreneur or even a writer or public speaker, a transcription service is going to save you, at the very least time, money or mistakes and, at the most, all three. You will agree that these are important commodities a good professional transcription service can provide.

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Hiring The Right Transcription Service

March 19, 2013


Working with a transcription service can greatly reduce cost and increase productivity, but how can you choose the best possible service? When researching your options you will want to pay attention to a few key areas.

Is the transcription company employing real-life expert typists or are they relying on speech recognition software that may result in a document filled with spelling and grammatical errors? Using human typists is critical if you want a clean copy of your text.

The typists should be specialized and well-practiced in your particular field. This is especially true for medical and legal dictation which is full of uncommon vocabulary and terminology.

The final result should be professionally formatted and provided to you in a high quality document. It should be properly proof read before submission and your satisfaction should be guaranteed.

When choosing a transcription service, think of it as creating a partnership with a company dedicated to your own success. You are encouraged to check references and interview the company in person or via phone. Finding the right fit can take time but the end results will be rewarding and profitable to your organization.

Again, don’t let the burden of transcribing all the recordings you have weigh you down. Good transcription services are out there. And with just a little research, you can find one that knows your industry…And is ready to meet your needs.

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