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Who Uses a Transcription Service?

October 28, 2016

transcription imageTranscription services can benefit a number of different businesses, even individuals. By definition a transcription service converts the spoken word into written typed or printed documents. In addition, transcription services can also take your handwritten documents and convert them into typed manuscripts or documents.

In fact, in today’s technological advances and extensive uses of the internet, the need for transcription services is even greater than in the past. There are podcasts, webinars and seminars on the web. There are audio tapes and medical notes to be transcribed. Transcribing court reporting and legal documents are in constant demand.

An improving economy only increases the demand. Having a conference? Document every word.There is a substantial list of businesses or services, even individuals, that use the services of a transcription service. If you are wondering if you or your business can benefit from using a transcription service service, review the following list:

  • Financial advisor
  • Accountants
  • Realtors and Real Estate Appraisers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Writers and Authors
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Psychologists
  • Students
  • Court reporters
  • Market researchers
  • Ministers
  • Professional Speakers
  • Journalists
  • Education Professionals
  • Researchers

Transcription services can go further than audio transcriptions alone. A transcription service can also offer copywriting, proofreading, database management and more.

Professional, well-trained transcriptionists have excellent grammar, listening skills (including the ability to discern dialect), and writing skills and accuracy.

Why would you need or use a transcription service? There are a number of reasons including:

  • Time – frees you for your major work and tasks
  • Accuracy – trained to hear and capture every word, including dialectal nuances
  • Convenience – transcription process when you need it
  • Customization and personalization – production of professional looking documents
  • Financial – less expensive than you imagine

If you see your business listed and the services you need don’t hesitate to contact us. Our business is to put your words on paper.


Save Time: You Speak, We Listen, We Print

July 19, 2016

computer, glasses pic

Your problem is that you, like so many others, only have so many hours in the day to do what you do best, which is running your business not creating and typing documents. So how do you take care of the manuscripts you need to create? Guess what? You need help! No surprise there.

When you speak whatever it is you want the world to know, we type it. Turn your thoughts and words into documents, Power Point presentations, articles, e-books, e-courses, content for blogs and Twitter and more. You can even get your audio message transcribed from teleseminars, coaching calls, expert interviews, podcast, dictated e-books or special reports, live events/workshops, or a mix of these.

What more could you ask for? Everyone wants to be heard and, more importantly, you want to know that someone really listened to what you had to say. When you speak every word is captured and converted to a document for your use for whatever purpose you desire. In our capable hands your audio becomes text as your  audio recordings are faithfully transcribed into well-presented, crisp and clear text documents.

Stop the madness of rewinding and fast-forwarding. Keep an accurate record of interviews and presentations. Hand over your typing burden by dictating your letters and reports and have them typed up by the staff at Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions.

Get your message across as you sit, stand,  walk, or  ride with a hand-held digital recorder to create an mp3, wav, dat file, etc. Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions is a mobile company. You can then send the file via a secure ftp site (Dropbox), email or CD. We listen to every word you speak. Believe it or not, 60 minutes of talking can take 4-8 hours of typing, formatting and proofreading. The ultimate goal is to ensure that every ‘i’ is dotted and ‘t’ crossed; that your words flow and accurately capture your intent.

Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions turns your audio into professionally edited transcripts that are attractive and easy-to-read. We can even include your own images, custom header/footer, and special touches for a branded report.

We ensure quality and efficiency by using professional transcription equipment – computer, keyboard, headphones and transcriber hardware. We transfer your spoken words into copy that will aid you in your business success.

In addition, all of our transcripts are produced by professional typists without additional, sometimes inaccurate, voice recognition software. With a large pool of typists, we assign the best qualified typist to your transcripts, taking into account their fields of specialized knowledge.

Let us know if you need your text tidied up for clarity. The spoken word differs greatly in flow and structure from written text. In some cases, the best transcript is achieved by tidying up the grammar used by the speaker. When you place your order, you provide guidance on the type of transcript you expect.

Can you think of a time when you needed to be working but you also needed to transcribe a document? How did that turn out? What went lacking?


I am blatantly offering help from Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions. We want to give you more time. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you need your work turned into documents.

The time is now to take me up on this offer. Feel free to leave an example of times when you had to attend to audio documents, such as transcribing depositions instead of running your law office effectively. Leave a comment. We’d love to hear how you solved your dilemma.






Start a Woman-Owned Business – It’s about Making History

March 12, 2015

March is National Women’s History Month. It is safe to say that women, particularly women moving into business ownership, are making history daily. This observation is based on the sheer numbers of women entrepreneurs that are creating new businesses at historical rates.

In recognition of National Women’s History Month,Face Pic PEOPLE_line-lady I did some research about women-owned businesses. It is inspiring to observe the cadre of women making history daily, with impressive numbers of women moving into entrepreneurship in the United States alone.

American Express compiled some very revealing statistics in a recently published white paper about the state of women-owned businesses. Their study found that over the past year, each day an average of 1,288 women started their own business. An impressive number when paired with the fact that as of the end of that same year, a total of 9.1 million women owned a business. Those 9.1 million women-owned enterprises employed 7.9 million people. And, get this, they generated a whopping $1.4 trillion in revenue.

All that said, it is the growth that is most impressive. From 1997 to 2013, the average number of businesses started daily by women was 591. Compare that to the 1288 women-owned businesses started in 2014 alone.

Naturally, sustainability is always an issue. Business owners must be vigilant for ways to attract more customers, grow their business and find ways to compete in the larger market. Entrepreneurship is rarely easy, but is very fulfilling, as many women are discovering in record numbers.

Growth was greatest in the health care and social assistance arena. That included doctors, dentists, residential care facilities and child care providers.

According to the statistics from the Delaware based National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), one in 5 firms, or 51%, was women-owned. They generated revenues of an average of $1 million.

Exceptional Transcriptions and Business Solutions is a woman owned business. I founded the company out of a love for the service I was providing for someone else in their enterprise. I wanted to extend my skills as a transcriber and business problem solver to help others in business. My business has thrived over two decades with the help of a tremendous team of transcribers and other experts.

Over the years, the services offered at Exceptional have increased until today there is an array of business services we can proudly provide, either directly or through partnerships, to the solo entrepreneur and small to medium sized business.

Access to speaker services is one of the latest services to be added. In addition, I am working on a book to help others who are in need of expert advice on various business challenges.

I discovered a love of public speaking and sharing my knowledge as well as learning new ways to solve challenges from my audience has inspired me. I look forward to offering my speaking services to your group.

Women make history everyday as they enter the world of entrepreneurship. Are you a  history maker?

Until next time… Be Exceptional



Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions

Do Sweat the Small Stuff – Sometimes

May 13, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALots of people tell us not to sweat the small stuff, and to a certain extent, they are right. But there are times when paying attention to the small stuff is important to your success and even your well being. In saying “don’t sweat the small stuff,” most people are talking about the inconsequential areas, events, and pieces of our lives that are not really all that important and fall into the category of “this, too, shall pass.”

There are times when the seemingly small stuff can make all the difference. It is said that the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Africa can eventually spawn a hurricane in the Atlantic. Flapping those tiny wings starts as small stuff.

What about the little dot called a period found at the end of a sentence? You can’t get much smaller than that, yet, if you don’t put it at the end of the sentence or you place it too soon. your sentence becomes either a run on sentence or a phrase. Either small mistake can render your attempt at constructing a proper sentence incorrect.

When the dot is part of a number, say a number that indicates your payment to someone, if the dot (in this case, it is a decimal point, of course) is in the wrong place, you could owe thousands of dollars instead of hundreds for the purchase you made.

Let’s look at the word “no.” It is truly a small word, but depending on the context, it could crush you. (No, that outfit does nothing for you.) Or it could save you. (No, you cannot play ball in the street.)

In the transcription business, we can’t afford the luxury of adhering to strictly to “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Detail is crucial and detail is often minutiae. If what we hear the customer say is not written the way it is said, the entire meaning of a sentence – even a document – could be changed.

Here are further examples:

  • Misuse of the words two, too, or to or any number of other words that could be mistakenly written and ultimately alter the meaning of the sentence.
  • Omitting an apostrophe when its needed to show possession.
  • Improper capitalization.
  • Incorrect spellings.

This is by no means a complete list, but I think you get the point. These are all seemingly small, but all could have an impact on the accuracy of a document.

Don’t unduly worry about inconsequential things or even big things that you have no control over. However, the bottom line is that the small stuff can truly be important. Even more important, is the ability to discern when it is just small stuff.

Be Exceptional!


Let Exceptional Transcription Business and Solutions take care of your speaking needs. Contact us.

Year’s End

December 30, 2013

FireworksAudreyIMG_20130703_213335_159The end of the year is always such a busy time. It is a  time for connections, reflections and evaluations. In a short span of time, holidays are celebrated, one after the other. As we celebrate with close family and friends, we act on the urge to connect with friends and associates that we may not have contacted  all year long.

If you own a business, this is also the time of the year you are closing out your books and evaluating your progress. You are probably analyzing the successes and the challenges.

Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions had its share of triumphs, but we had unexpected challenges, as well, and we  had to find  new ways to cope with them.

One of the most difficult challenges was dealing with the death of a long time client.  No one ever mentioned how to deal with such a challenge in the business context.  The news of the client’s death came as a blow. It was an impact I never anticipated.

The relationship was built on business and this special customer was a part of the team.   At ETBS, we were definitely a part of his team, a part of his business growth and success. That requirement is included in the mission.

As CEO, I was so stunned by his death that my day was spent in personal and business evaluation. Loss will often affect you like that. You examine your own footprint and your own path.

ETBS is still small enough that we are touched intimately by the ups and downs of our customers. But even if we were much larger, because we are providing a needed service, our customers’ challenges and triumphs will always touch us personally, no matter the size we reach.

I have nurtured my business, watching it grow, celebrating the milestones and tackling the challenges.

In the coming months, Exceptional will reach another milestone, address another challenge, as we continue to explore better ways to serve our customers.

For right now, the reflection continues as I set my goals for the New Year and beyond. Underneath it  all, I will remember with appreciation and fondness one of my first customers. He will always be special.

Be Exceptional,


CEO & Founder Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions

Words with Same Sound, Different Spelling – Homonyms

July 3, 2013

bookpagespicfile000739253401The English language doesn’t make it easy to have flawless writing. In fact, it can be downright complicated especially with the number of words that sound the same, but have a different spelling and a different meaning.  If writing in English is  your job or some aspect of your job, it is so important to have all t’s crossed and i’s dotted. This is the hallmark of a good transcriber and a good writer.  Because of words that are pronounced the same but have a different spelling, a writer can create confusion for the reader and reflect poorly on the writer’s skills if  those pesky words are not caught during proofreading.

Words that sound the same, but are spelled differently are  homonyms, a great sounding word for a quirky little part of the English language meant  to slip up the average spellcheck on your computer. You must be hyper-vigilent for the possibilities of these little words slipping in and ruining what may have been a perfectly good document or transcription.

I’ve listed a few words here (or is it hear?) that are common culprits. Let’s have a go at this –words with the  same sound,  different spelling:

Pear           Pare              Pair

Be               Bee

Lye              Lie

Fair             Fare

Bass            Base

Bow             Bough

Lead             Led

Too               To                 Two

Their            There           They’re

Mail              Male

Plane            Plain

Genes           Jeans

Deer              Dear

Hear              Here

Right            Write

Dye                Die

Week            Weak

Prey              Pray

Bridal           Bridle

Site                Cite                Sight

Principle      Principal

Buy                Bye

Yes, these are just a few of the  little words that can trip up any  simple spellcheck. I’m sure you can add more. Happily, there are some grammar and spellcheck programs that can ferret out homonyms. Still, good transcribers and writers should be on the lookout for  the homonym when proofreading. As with any other grammatical or spelling error, there is always the chance that a homonym may sneak through. Flawless is what we aim for in our writing, certainly in any transcription business, and one homonym can ruin that.

So, the lesson in this writing is transcribers and writers must remain alert for the spoilers, the homonyms, the unique words that sound the same, but have a different spelling and a different meaning. They can be the weak (or is it week?) spot in your writing.

Write On!

5 Reasons to use a Transcription Service Now

April 4, 2013

107-365-flying-fingers_lConsidering using a transcription service to take care of those audio notes and important documents, but not convinced you really need to use one? You are not alone in your deliberations. Keep in mind that experts in the medical field, academia/universities, the insurance field, law and more, including the law enforcement field and authors, turn to transcription services. There are many benefits to using a transcription service rather than tackling that intimidating mound of audio files or notes and turning them into written documents yourself.

Why use a transcription service? Take a look:

  1. A Transcription Service Can Save Time. It can actually take you several hours to type a mistake proof document that may have taken you less than one hour to say. A transcriber will be quick and accurate.
  2. It’s More Affordable than Hiring Additional Staff. Hiring a transcription service eliminates the need to hire new staff, saving you time in training and saving you money in payroll.
  3. The Service Frees Up Company Resources. Let your assistant and other staff stick to their expertise, saving them time to do what you hired them for and avoiding possible headaches along the way.
  4. Reduces Error. Using a third party, the transcription service, can reduce errors that result from you incorrectly remembering the events you are writing about and coloring the translation. The service will use a transcriber who is a specialist in your  field, reducing the chances for spelling and grammar errors.
  5. You Can Painlessly Capture Your Creative Musings. Let a transcription service type up your free flowing ideas and brainstorming sessions. A transcriber can also put your speech or your sermon to paper, just as you delivered it.

These are just a few of the important reasons to use a professional transcription service. As a business owner/manager, an entrepreneur or even a writer or public speaker, a transcription service is going to save you, at the very least time, money or mistakes and, at the most, all three. You will agree that these are important commodities a good professional transcription service can provide.

Exceptional Transcription and Business Solutions is waiting to provide the professional transcription service for you.

Let Exceptional provide a FREE consultation TODAY! Our service is affordable and guaranteed. Email us at Or visit our website at